Wednesday, December 14, 2011

9 weeks!

Can't believe it but at the end of this week we will be at the single digit countdown for our lil man! Friday marks 9 weeks to meeting Lil Male Baby K (as one of our friends called it before we knew for sure haha).  So for you who like to count in weeks, we are 31 weeks along. Which in months is 7, almost 8 months.  

Its been a fun journey! I think we are getting really ready for the lil man. Its still so strange to feel him move inside my belly. I like that Kimmel can feel him and talks to him, it just makes it not seem like its all me getting the fun of the lil man now. Watching as my tummy keeps growing i wonder how much further can it stretch! lol 

We have been so blessed from friends who have handed down TONS of clothes for a lil guy, it gives us some breathing room to not feel worried about clothes! Its fun walking in kids stores now an looking at clothes to see which stores i might frequent. As of right now Crazy 8 is at the top of my list! Do you have a favorite? 

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