Monday, December 26, 2011


We took down decorations today. Sad but true. We were cleaning and putting stuff in the attic so it only made sense since. Kimmel was my hero and lifted all the boxes and cleaned our attic.

One project that i have had in my mind is our mantle. Thanks to my mom's christmas gift  -canvas print from our wedding- i was able to complete my design! You can't really tell but i have family wedding pictures on our mantle surrounding ours. My parents, my sister and Kimmel's sister. Found a lovely print from Canton with a scripture that tied it all together.  

Song of Solomon 3:4 I found the one my heart loves.  

Kind of nice to have it done. But i fear it will be one of those things that never get finished. I will keep adding :) pictures of family and other love things haha 

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