Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thats so texas..right?

When i moved here from virginia i expected to see a lot more cowboys and horses then i did in the area around Seminary. I was confused. Texas is all cattle and ranch boys right? Like no one lives in suburbs or small plots of land...everyone has their own horse and iron their jeans right? ...Wrong!

One of the girls on my hall and i went on a lot of different touristy things our first semester here. Going to a big ranch somewhere east to experience ranch life. Found a couple places to ride horses on land. Often we went to the Stockyards. It was exactly as i pictured it in my mind. lol

Love this lil place. Have taken a many of visiting Virginians out here. Done a couple of photo shoots and will be taking my mom there this week as she visits with us. Must get some goodies from the VA grand kids :) 

I love the country part of texas and would love to move to some land and have some animals. Just don't like the country music, or pride part of texas. I guess, as Kimmel would say, i am becoming a Texan but not really. He says when our lil man is born i can't deny it anymore! So i threaten to go back to VA just to birth him :) I love my family and life here. Its just not as texan as i pictured living here...which is ok with me. 

Anyone else love the stockyards? Any transplants expected what i did? 

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