Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Showered with love

This past weekend my friends and family gave us a shower for our lil man! We are about 4 weeks out and  i got really overwhelmed with excitement and the love from all these people i cried when i pulled up to my in laws house! I had to call Kimmel to talk myself out of it. But then my Texas Dad and Mom were waiting for me to coming is so He could say hi and i lost it! They are so sweet and special to me. It was awesome to get a great big daddy bear hug from him!

These lovely ladies hosted it for me. They really did an amazing job and i was very touched!

This was the awesome centerpiece Renee (texas mom) mad for us! So cute and i am going to use the owls again for some nursery decorations! :) 

One really sweet person who came is Kimmel's Great Grandmother, Meme! She is our beloved 100 year old sweet prayer warrior! It was so nice to see her she doesn't come out much. We are very blessed. 

 Got our first cloth diapers :)

My austin family came in for the night before so we got to catch up and laugh! (Renee, Christin and Jen) 

Thank you for all you did you special ladies! 

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