Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Staying put

After an eventful stay at the hospital this weekend I am home on bed rest. My lil man just wanted to check things out before he came. His amniotic fluid was low or I like to think of it as the water in his pool that he swims in now was not enough. So they hooked us up to IV for the weekend and when they saw it had increased they sent me home on strict bed rest. I am glad to be home and I am doing nothing!! I promise for the good of our son :) Had some really yummy food and fitful sleeps. But thankful for the wisdom of my drs. I go back tomorrow for a follow up to see how the fluids are. He can come any day now :) Kimmel put the car seat in along with his full diaper bag..we are ready :) Please pray the fluid stays for a lil while long so his lungs can fully develope...we r thankful he can finish developing in the tummy. He is big and heathly now weighing 7 we fully believe the Lord has it all figured out I just needed to stop and rest!
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