Monday, February 20, 2012

Not without Kimmel

These past two and half weeks have been amazingly crazy and awesome all wrapped up in a cute lil boy named Shepherd. We have prayed for a lil addition to our family and felt we were prepared for what God was willing to give. I know one thing now that i couldn't have done any of these last 3 weeks with out kimmel. He has been so amazing and helpful. In ways and places i never knew he would have to do that.

With my fluid being low and me in the hospital days before we would take our lil man home, i began to realize that Kimmel was worried and preparing to take care of two people, while i was just worried about the issue. He was by my side and so very encouraging and never once complained.

[Kimmel and Shepherd's first finger hold after pulling him out :)]

Its interesting to hear friends share their stories about their husbands in the delivery room. How some watch all things possible and others almost faint. Kimmel fell in the middle. We had a c section and i had no clue that Kimmel was really nervous while in there. He said the smell was more then he could handle. He was so good and encouraging, and sat there walking thru it all. When the anesthesiologist asked if he wanted to see, he politely and firmly said no thank you i am fine!

I knew he was going to be a great dad and already had some insight to how great a husband he is but he has gone above and beyond! So thankful for this man God has given me to walk thru our journey together. The lord knew who and what i needed for my life journey here on earth, Kimmel is it! So glad He chooses and not me! I don't know how women do it with out a good man by their side! Hug your husband today and tell him how he makes you better!
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