Monday, February 27, 2012

Poor social connection

So my husband and i are bad at social media connection. We have one facebook account cause he never got on and i just post all the time. We never spend time on it and chat with friends. I try to comment on people who are sweet enough to take time and write on our wall. I don't know why but we just are mediocre at it.

I have accounts with Twitter, Path, Google+, facebook and a blog (thank you for reading it!). We are in touch with things just not to the ultimate degree they could be used. I think we prefer talking to people and email. lol

So this is my disclaimer, if you don't think we comment enough on your life, its not personal, its just we don't do it. I feel somewhat selfish cause i post all the time and people write on it and i am thankful. Thats why i keep posting. There is about one day a week that i will venture out and read the feed and comment on friends stuff, i just don't think about it i guess.

Love you social media friends...don't give up on us we just slow with it! :)
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