Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winning Season

Kimmel is a middle school coach. Which means he coaches all sports year round. Of course being in texas football is the main one and consumes our worlds in the fall, but he also does basketball, track and cross country.

He just finished basketball, coaching B team, with a winning season! My husband who is learning how to coach all these sports is doing a phenomenal job with his boys! They only lost 2 games, and got to play in an A team tournament. Which can be debbie downer when you get trampled by an A team, but they kept their spirits up and just played well.

The boys love him and he loves them! One day during practice or athletics Kimmel was shooting around with a handful of guys. They just started making ridiculous shots and betting he couldn't do it. You know like make this one and i will paint my toes, silly stuff like that. Time was ending so Kimmel says "ok boys, if i make this shot all three of you have to wear lipstick to school tomorrow." to which they agreed and kimmel headed out to half court threw the ball over his head (backwards) and MADE THE SHOT! They were all in awe! Then they were in protest about the lipstick! They asked all day? and Kimmel said come with it on and until i see you then you can take it off. You can imagine they ran to his classroom that next morning.

O boys. What silliness they can get into!
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