Thursday, March 22, 2012

Date night

Kimmel and i have started a new tradition for our date nights this year. I was reading my friend Monica's blog the other day and she had a great suggestion she found on pinterest. Filling a jar of free things to do for a date night. Each of us wrote like 10 things down that are free and fun or cheap. So like i put go get a shake from Chickfila and go to a park.

Last night was our first night to pick a thing. It was Play Disc Golf. At first i was like no i don't want to! lol but then i could see how excited he was and i knew it would be fun after we got out there. Which it was! We didn't have any frisbee's ourself so he called his buddy whom we could borrow from.  We took our lil man with us and had a blast.

The weather was perfect and we were playing as the sun set. It was a great first date night of 2012! 

Do you do date night? If not you should at least try for once a month if not every other week. I know people are busy and just want to relax, but there is something to be said for playing with your spouse! 

What are some free date night ideas you have done or think would be fun? 

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