Monday, March 26, 2012

Sister's visit

This past weekend my sister flew in from Va., my home town. We were super excited cause the last time she came was for our wedding, 3 years ago in april. It was her first time to see our house, and our baby boy! I realized how much i miss having her around, its sad to not have family close. We made the most of the weekend.

She came in early friday morning, leaving 4 kids back home with lots of games and school to get done. We went to southlake and walked around, had lunch at the corner bakery and Deb got Shepherd his dedication outfit! It is sooo cute! She also wanted to get him an Easter outfit so to Gap we went and found some cute stuff. She is already spoiling him! 

Saturday Kimmel's parents had gotten us all tickets to see the Hunger Games movie. So we took shepherd along for his first movie. It was a good movie, they left out some things i thought would be cruical, and the peeta katniss in the woods was so short! I think Shepherd thought it was super! 

Before she left on sunday we took some pictures of her and Shepherd. I think i caught a smile in this one :) 

True to my family's liking we had to get some feet or piggy's pictures! 

Thanks Deb for coming to visit and love on Shepherd! We had a blast!!

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