Friday, April 06, 2012

Date night- The Claw

This week we pulled "take a roll of quarters and play a claw game and see who can win a prize". So Kimmel grabbed some quarters and we headed out to dinner and the claw. He knew of one at Walmart so we had a plan.

A friend had given us a gift card to Olive Garden when we had Shepherd, and his parents just gave us one they didn't want, so we were able to eat freely and enjoy a nice dinner.

Neither of us won anything (shocking i am sure) but it was fun. Wasn't exactly free but a silly idea! Its funny to watch our personalities on these dates. Kimmel was like a kid in a candy store and i had to be forced to waste i mean play another quarter, and these games are no longer 25 cents they are 50! lol

Good times, good food and fun with my hubby.

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