Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dr. Visit

We have begun the multiple doctor visits for Shepherd. The ones where you hold your child down and they get stuck in both legs and hence scream at the top of their lungs! Yea those.

Things start out normal, with the stripping him down so they can weigh him, measure his length and check temperature. He is now 23 inches long, 13lbs and normal temperature. After this the nurse leaves and we wait for the dr. Me holding him only in a diaper. He was doing great just looking all around and then i hear the dreaded noise. Blow out! It was the liquidyist bowel i have ever seen on him. It came up the back of his back while he was sitting in my i guess you know where i am going with this...

This is after i wiped the yuck look like i wet or threw up on myself! It was so laughable! Thankfully by the time we leave the dr office they were dry. 

After the dr checked him and all is normal we wait for the nurse to bring the shots. Now i don't know if i prepared myself for it or not. Didn't really know what to expect. But i was asked to hold my son's upper body down with one arm and then pull his leg straight. YEA THANKS! 

First shot...Loud scream red red red face! Tears, cries and that is from me! The nurse was quick and it was over fast i quickly picked him up and hugged him and he stopped but like thanks, lets not do that again, and started to cry again. I told Kimmel that the saddest part was all the way home he sniffled and whimpered. 

Until next month we we do it all over again! :( 

Any suggestions on how to make it better? Or do you just grin and bear it!?
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