Friday, April 20, 2012

Recommended Reading

I saw a picture of this book from a friend on Instagram and got very excited. It was a book from one of the most gifted teachers i have heard, Matt Chandler. We invited him to speak for our youth events when i worked at the church and it was never a dull lesson. Our students always took something to heart from him. His church is about an hour from us and so we listen to his podcasts often. Kimmel and i have gone to a satellite church of his and just always feel God's presence and wisdom. So i jumped on Amazon and found it. It took about a week to get it cause it was back ordered, i guess it is really popular.

Thought i would let you know its out there and you should read it too! I am into the first chapter and its awesome so far! Shedding light on God is never a bad thing right? :)

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