Thursday, May 03, 2012

3 months

So i broke down and purchased some onesies for each month for the first year to do pictures with Shepherd. Isn't he cute! :)

So its been three months and we can't believe it! Taking in each moment and filling it away in my heart. He is 'talking' up a storm and even getting a little giggle out of him if we are lucky.
His smile lights up his whole face which in turn lights up ours.
Its funny to watch as he gets fixated on something and 'talks' to it.
One sweet thing that has begun is his daddy time. Kimmel is able to get him to talk more than i can. He just holds him face to face and makes noises that Shepherd answers back. Its awesome to see them bond.
Still doesn't stop moving unless he is sleeping.
Now he is trying to find his thumb or fingers to suck on. He still won't take a paci but thats ok with us.
He is our happy boy!

Its hard to say goodbye to some of the onesies and footie outfits he has cause they are soooo cute! I am packing them away for another some day.
He does really well with the camera in his face..he hasn't got mad yet! I am hoping he won't mind :)

Happy 3 months my lil man!
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