Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Delirious and irrational

So over the last three months i have decided that sleep depravation has caused some issues for me. When waking up every 2-3 hours i became delirious and irrational.

i woke up afraid he was in the bed and i couldn't find him.
Another time i woke up thinking i was holding him and freaked out when it was just a pillow.
One time i woke up wondering where our other baby was cause i knew we had twins.
Yet another time i thought i skipped a feeding cause i didn't remember the last one, so thankful for the app that keeps track of that for me!

Irrational Fears
When i am in a store, if i take my eyes off him he will disappear or get taken.
When we say grace out in a restaurant i have to watch him cause same reason
Envision myself tripping and dropping him.
Envision myself falling out of bed on him when he was sleeping in the bouncer.

These are just a few...i am sure some of you can relate. Would love to hear your stories! :)
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