Sunday, May 13, 2012

Great Great Meme

Saturday morning Kimmel's parents took Shepherd and us to visit with Meme. She is Andrew's great grandma, who is so fun and will turn 101 in a couple weeks! She was so excited to meet Shepherd! He did really well skipping an nap he didn't get real cranky. 

We sat and talked with her for an hour or so and had a blast! We were talking about her hearing aids at one point and Valinda said 'i am glad you got hearing aids' and Meme says "HUH?" really loud with a smile :) she is so spunky i love it! 

She loves to give things to her family when we visit, so she told us to pick from this bag she had of goodies. Meme talked about all the fun things she gets to do and how she is a happy gal. She also made a cute lil bag for our cousin Eleanor. She is always thinking and praying for her family! She is a lovely woman and role model. 

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