Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More things I've learned

Becoming a mom has been a fun and challenging change. One of my weaknesses is i don't do well with change. So God gave me Kimmel who can live on change who keeps me sane and i am thankful for him.  There are many things i am learning and i am sure many of you will say i have loads more to learn. So i share the lil bit i know now.

First off the last four things i learned are still true!

5. Sun gets poops stains out of clothing! Just wash or wet with soap then lay them in the sun! Thanks to Kati Dukes i know this! Might i add that we only get poop on ourselves when we use the disposable diapers! :/

6. I am reading lots of books and hearing lots of advice...but every family is different and that is good, because of this i way all advice with prayer and our family values. Books are great too but knowing i don't have to fit them exactly is huge!! (Christin's advice!)

7. Taking in every moment and try not to think about what's ahead in the next month. Taking joy in all the little things! I have been recording all things that happen during the day so dad can see it when he gets home :)

8. I love all his facial expressions. My favorite pictures are not always the cutsie smiling ones. I love his confused, concerned and what? looks ...they are so fun to try and capture! 

These are not huge revelations just more things i am learning. Thankfully the Lord meets us where we are and teaches us what we need for the moment. He is a good teacher and i am learning! 

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