Monday, June 04, 2012

4 months

The third of each month marks the official date for Shepherd's age but it is not exactly right with the weeks. I dont' know which you are supposed to follow and for how long. But i waited til the month date post about it but too pictures on the 16th week. LOL So technically he is 17 weeks and two days. :)

There is a pin on Pinterest that has a plaque that says 'all my smiles begin with you' (or something to that affect) that just fits for us right now.  As any parent would agree. Still growing like a weed. He now pulls my hair when i hold him, his sweet fingers just grabbing at everything.  Taking in the world around him more and more while adding his own lil sounds and words.

Our lil family took a road trip this weekend for a family wedding in Austin. It was a great trip and Shepherd did awesome. Of course his sleeping was alot less then normal, his eating was different and he was around lots of people but he didn't fuss until he was way beyond tired. When we loaded up sunday morning to come back he really cried for like 5 mins and we tried all kinds of things until finally he just stopped and then slept the whole three hours back :)

We stayed with Christin and Dustin for the weekend. Which was so great to see them and their son Brock, whom we adore!

Christin got some fun cuddle time and Dustin gave him Shepherd his first art lesson. Crayons on the place mat at the restaurant.

The wedding was for Kimmel's cousin Ashley in a beautiful place called Camp Lucy. Apparently it his a hidden treasure of wedding spots! It was in the middle of no where and hidden off to the left. But very lovely. Shepherd got passed around and loved on until he could take no more :)

And some sweet time with his cousin Eleanor! They both were great during the ceremony. Right now she points and says that at everything with her sweet lil voice and mommy's secret weapon was ice cubes so she couldn't talk :) But they were awesome! It was fun! 

The drive wasn't horrible but we were exhausted! Sunday we crashed as did Shepherd. I think it was great preparation for when i get to take him to visit my family in VA in July!

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