Thursday, June 28, 2012


So i think most of you know the website Pinterest and all its glory. I think i get Pin overload after awhile, looking at all the things i could make and do to be the bestest house mommy/wife ever! Most times i love to drool over all the house designs and home decor. Since we will be building our house in the next 2 years i mark things that i want in our house...but wonder if it will ever really happen.

I wonder how many people out there pin just to pin and don't really do anything with it or if we are all trying all these things! I have tried a couple recipes and even pinned one i found from all recipes to share. Those are the easiest i think to do from Pin.

I think you have to be somewhat crafty to really do some of these items and i hope to try a couple soon! Even still i know i don't have talent for some and have asked my friend Maddie to paint one for me!

How many things from Pinterest have you tried? have they been a success?  We maybe pinaholics but is it worth it?

: D
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