Sunday, July 15, 2012


If you have not joined the masses on Instagram this wont matter to you. If you haven't check it out today instagram is an awesome app and loads of people are on it. I follow Jimmy Fallon cause he makes me laugh! He doesn't post often but when he does its worth it. 

Stickygrams is a companion website that you log on with your Instagram account. Here you can place and order for your pictures onto magnets! I had heard about it a while back, then saw a friend on Instagram do it and love it so i thought i would give it a try! 

It is so easy and the results are awesome! I was thinking that this would make great stocking stuffers and gifts for friends and family. You pick out nine pictures and they send them to you in a little less than a week. The company is based in the UK so sometimes it may take more time but i received them quickly. Cost only $15. I think its brilliant! The one thing i hate about digital pictures is you never print them out any more, or you do years later. 

Check it out for yourself! 
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