Thursday, July 26, 2012

That can wait...

I was taught, in sunday school i am sure, that God answers three ways: Yes, No and Wait.  For me wait is probably the big one i hear all the time. At least i interpret it to be that cause things don't seem to move on my time line. This lesson is a lifelong one for me i have come to decide....and now with my son i feel wait is what i like to do. 

Shower....that can wait til he is snug in bed for the long sleep stretch
Food....that can wait til shepherd is content from his meal or sleeping 
Potty....that can wait until my bladder pops :) 
Fashion style ...that can wait til i don't have spit up on me 24/7
Rereading Hunger Games for the umtenth time...that can wait ....well :) 
Living on the land we purchased.....that can wait til we save our goal amount
My plan....that can wait on the Lord to give me the next step

Some of these i am sure people would say i am crazy for waiting to do...but when i am playing with my son or rocking his tears away or snuggling to sleep... i dont' think about what i am missing...i just see God's love streaming thru me to him and i tear up and cant believe how lucky i am...that i "waited" for Kimmel....and that we "waited" for Shepherd. 

I can say that some things are way easier to wait for than others. I can also say that no matter what the answer is to my prayers God is so faithful to either change my heart to his will or give what i prayed for. 

But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint 
Isaiah 40:31

The awesome thing is that verse is so true! He does give you strength when you wait on Him and his will. It is a refreshing thought to know that our Lord asks us to do something difficult and fills us up while we do it! He doesn't take but strengthens! 

What are some things you 'waited' for? We can be thankful for the journey while we wait or waited. 

Oh and PS wait is one of those words that after you type or reread several times you think you spelled it wrong so please forgive if i did :) 
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