Friday, August 10, 2012

6 months

For his 6 months celebration we went to the BEACH! One of my favorite places to be so i had to get my son there asap! We headed to Virginia to visit my family and we took one late afternoon to head to the beach to Croatan to introduce Shepherd to the wonderful beach. 

We drove in after his morning nap and lunch stopped by to visit a friend and then headed to the shore. We were followed by a huge dark cloud to which weather reports were saying hail and 55 miles an hour wind. Thankfully it didn't happen where we were. Once we parked it started raining, so we waited about 20 mins and then it stopped. 

Mom and i grabbed a towel, my camer and Shepherd. Due to the rain no one was left except one couple and their dog. So it worked out well! He just talked at the water and i think it was love at first sight! 

He is getting so big!! 
He has two teeth with another shortly to follow. 
So observant and talkative! He just looked and laughed at everyone around us on the plane. 
Crawling is almost there...pops up on his knees and sometimes moves forward one pop.
Eating more and more foods, trying to balance the fruits and veggies. 
Loving all things Shepherd or as my nieces and nephews say Sheppy. 

Half a year! has it been that much! 

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