Monday, September 03, 2012

7 months

I haven't blogged since the last month update for Shepherd...wooops :( Started watching my niece again during the week and i don't think i have gotten into a rhythm yet to do other things for myself yet. 

This month has a specialness to it. My mom saved on of my father's outfits from when he was little and its appropriate that Shepherd fits it this month because my Dad's birthday was in August and he passed away in September of '89. I was excited we were able to wear it this month. 

Did our owl growth picture...not laying down cause he is so movey now :)

Borrowed an awesome firetruck pedal car from my friend Kelli! TOTALLY AWESOME! 

And yes everything goes into the mouth...

He pulled himself up the other day!
Loves cruising still around the furniture, sorta like crawling definitely getting better at it. 
Sounds like he is making more words and sounds but no actual words. 
Trying more and more different foods...gag reflex is a workin. 
His little hands are grabbing much better and can even feed himself somewhat. 
We love throwing him around and playing with him to get that belly laugh. 

Love our lil man!! 

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