Friday, September 07, 2012

Modge Podge the craft i never knew about!

I don't consider myself a 'crafty' person. My first instinct is not to make whatever it is i need/want. I look for discounts! Thankfully i have been given a couple friends who are crafty and i steal their ideas or get taught by them. 

This year i have been introduced to Modge Podge by Kelli and i am addicted! She had a crafty night last month with the girls from our cell and our friends. She sweetly opened her craft table, dinning table and toys for us all to rip or cut scrapbook paper for our canvases. 

This was my first creation! The paper was so fun and cute it was easy to match and cut. She has a cricut to cut out letters, so naturally i did a k for our home. 

Armed with this new knowledge i headed off to hobby lobby with a mission. I had a gift card and i intended to use it all! Got a couple canvases, a think of scrapbook paper and modge podge glue. Pondered for several weeks about what to do and came up with two ideas, one a gift for my long time mentor and friend Niki, and of course a Hunger Games one. 

I don't have a cricut so i printed on to the scrapbook paper. There were so many quotes i could have used, but this is my favorite. Love me some Hunger Games! ;0)

Still figuring it all out to make it perfect, i kept getting lumps in the one above so i need to figure out what to use to smooth it or if my timing is off. Its loads of fun and easy for a not so crafty person to do! I sense some christmas gifts may be getting designed! 

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