Friday, September 21, 2012

No complaints and thankful heart

It has been almost 3 months since kimmel and i moved in with his parents. Its funny how that simple act has taught me so much about myself, Kimmel and family. Living two families in a single family home goes against the american dream and my mindset. I think that is the first hurtle i had to jump over. There are other cultures and places that live multiple families in smaller homes and they get along just fine :) One of my good friends and her twins just moved in with her hubby's parents and they love it and may stay forever! haha

The arrangement is awesome and any issues or annoyances i have can be swept away when i think about why we did this. We cannot be more thankful for the support of his parents in this venture, we couldn't have done it with out them. This is what is needed to do in order for our dream home to be built. 

There were a couple things that i had to get used to in a short span of time. Obviously moving from a home to two rooms challenged my way of thinking an living. Kimmel going back to work teaching and not coaching, but working a couple nights a week at Mr Jim's Pizza. Our lil man growing and keeping me on my toes as he changes and learns this world around him. Then watching my niece again and the new dynamics the house and shepherd put on our time together. 

All this 'drama' i had worked up in my head stressed me out and i felt very overwhelmed last week. So as i prayed one night on verge of tears the Lord sweetly said, 'try not complaining about everything'.  Honestly i didn't feel like he was scolding me just giving me direction to make things better. So i said ok, i won't complain, instead of a complaint i said why i was thankful for that thing, and found out i have LOADS to be thankful for! 

When i look at a pile of something that we need and it has no where to go in the house i can say thank you for providing  those things which we use. When i can't find something cause i don't know where we packed it i guess i really don't need it.  Then when shepherd wakes up a lot in the night its just cause He  wants to snuggle. hahaha When kimmel isn't home cause he is working, i am thankful He has provided the income. The weather is getting way nicer so that helps my gratitude! its hard to think of nothing but the heat when its nasty hot Texas hot! -but i digress.

I don't think you have to move in with your in laws to learn you need to not complain and be thankful. I believe these are found through out history to be two of the biggest attitudes that help your life to be a joyful one. Besides God says so don't complain and in all things be thankful. So i guess i must :)

Really don't have anything to complain about so i must be thankful! So no more complaints from me only thankful words! 

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