Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Surprise Day off with Kimmel

Yesterday was the day Mark (father in law) and I planned to take the kids to the zoo. Mark had taken off this week, and i had wanted to take the kids to the zoo but two little ones by myself wasn't enticing so i asked him if he wanted to go.  That morning was normal like any other, Shepherd wakes up around 530 we eat breakfast and then play in the family room...Kimmel got in the shower and about 745 he came in and sat down with me and the which i asked did you take the day off?? With a big smile he says, "when you said you and Opa (mark) are going to the zoo tomorrow, i said so am i and took off"
We had such a fun time! Kimmel got to just love on shepherd and show him fun stuff. I took my camera and played around with my 85 mm lens....LOVE IT!
Eleanor and shepherd seem to have a blast...and even shared a few hugs along the way. Here are some pictures from the day. 

Started at the Flamingos

Saw my favorite...the Penguins!

The petting coral

He loved the was so cute to watch him look at big ol turtle swimming to him! 

New baby rhino

Beautiful white tiger rawred at me! 

Walking to the had be a fun and exhausting day! 

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