Sunday, November 04, 2012

9 months

I am mixing together some Halloween pictures and his 9 months celebration :) i am a day late on his month and a couple for halloween but i don't think anyone minds!

9 Things to know about Shepherd...

1. He is teething like a champ! Keeping me on my toes and awake thru out the night! Come on teeth come thru already!

2. Shepherd is a face toucher...who ever is holding him he goes straight for the mouth. When i am carrying him anywhere he puts his hand in my mouth

3.  Dances. He has this leg shaking bouncy thing going on that he dances when he wakes up while screaming :)

4. Makes his own sunshine most days and loves crawling back and forth from toys, figuring each one out. 

5. Laughter keeps getting better...can stop tickling him or playing til he laughs cause we love it! 

6. Totally things my mom lives in the iPhone and talks to her on face-time. Its funny to watch him squeal at her picture. 

7. Thinks Cousin Eleanor is funny and patiently waits while she kisses him :) 

8. Loves to take pictures on the phone...turn the camera around and we get loads of face shots...such as

9. His mom needs a make over! Would have posted the family picture we took but i look like someone who hasn't slept for weeks or knows how to use a brush! Guess its time for mom to take care of herself! :) Sorry son! 

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