Tuesday, December 04, 2012

10 months

Yesterday we hit the double digits for lil Shepherd. 10 months. Really wants to walk, has taken his first steps and will do like 4-8 in a row when prompted.

He likes to wake up at 430 happy as a lark and jump and sing in his crib...it takes a while but he will fall back asleep. Its cute..but really 430am??

He was trying to tell me something here :) i love it! Seems like now new things are happening every day. I left him in the living room on a chair next to the couch and came back and he climbed over the arm of the couch and just sat there looking at me like what? haha he is climbing now, stairs and apparently furniture now too! New sounds and expressions are popping up. Its all happening so fast.
Oh where did the time go?

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