Sunday, December 30, 2012

Exploring view

All parents know how fun it is to watch your children explore the world around them each day. We scrapbook each of the good fun moments, and remember the sad. No matter what stage of life they are in it is continuous learning and recording of data. That goes for adults too. I am continuously learning about the world and people around me. 

Continuous education is what life is really about. We never stop learning, its just not always as exciting as our first steps. Came across some articles written by great photographers that challenge me and remind me of the important things. Change your view.  Look at the subject from a different angle than what is normal for you. It was fun. 

This smile gets me every time! While he played on the swing i circled around him trying all sorts of views and sometimes not putting him as the center. He almost tumbled off the side at one point...glad i have cat like reflexes! :)

As he explores it is important i stay close. Stopping him before he gets to close to the danger. Some things are not toys. Watching as he processes what i say and deciding whether or not to care i told him 'no touch'. 

I know i can't hover around his whole life protecting him for dangerous things, but we can teach him how to handle these things and who is omnipresent and omniscient so he is never alone. With Jesus we walk thru life and he guides us away from dangers. We just have to listen and sometimes change our view so we can see what he sees. 

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