Saturday, February 09, 2013

First Birthday Celebrations - a week late :(

So due to some technical difficulties,  and an almost panic attack thinking i had lost all the photos from these events we have a post of all the fun activities from celebrating Shepherd.

Last saturday (feb 2) we threw a party out on our land for our lil man. Being out on the land meant we had to do a cowboy theme party! So our birthday boy was in overalls, boots, button up, jean jacket and cowboy hat...well for like two seconds...and due to weather he wore the stocking cap.

Set up lots of photos we had taken through out the year marking each months changes.  Taking pictures at the party was more difficult than i prepared, so i asked my friend Felicia to please snap some or i will miss it all -Thank you Felicia!!

Had pin the Sheriff badge on the cowboy for the little ones. My friend Tara Ewell drew the cute lil cowboy you see below! Kimmel grilled some hotdogs and hamburgers...despite the cold breeze for the first hour it got warmer and i think we all had a blast! Our friends and Family stuck it out and shared a fun lunch with us! Thanks yall!


Sunday was the actual birthday (feb 3) so the festivities continued. My mom had come in for the party and stayed with us for the week. She brought him the sweet birthday outfit below. We had to show him we headed to church him looking fly! 

Of course we had to do a smash cake! We ordered a fancy cake for the party and the smash cake came with it! When shepherd woke from his afternoon nap we dressed him up and had a session with him, the cake, and balloons...the balloons were a bigger hit then the cake :P lol

1 year celebrated with friends and family and three really cute outfits! :) Oh 

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