Monday, February 18, 2013

Guys with Kids

Don't know if you know or not but there is a HILARIOUS show that comes on NBC some night at some time...cause i DVR it :) ...called Guys with Kids. Created by the great Jimmy Fallon.

Set in NY City, three guys who are best friends live in the same apartment building and all, you guessed it, have kids. One is divorced, but the girl is still around, the other two married. I laugh out loud at least twice each episode...and some of you may think i do that often but really i don't when it comes to tv...i think scrubs was the last one i remember made me truly laugh out loud.

I checked it out cause i love Jimmy Fallon and he wrote and produced it, so i thought it has to be great. To be honest the first one was good and i laughed but it just keeps getting funnier! You have to check it out!

The kids are adorable, the girls are funny and the boys just make me laugh so hard its a fun show! So check out NBC on Wednesdays at 7:30 central!

DVR it if you are at church...i do and its totally worth it!
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