Friday, February 22, 2013

Spell check

We live in a world of spell check, that helps us to be eloquent with our virtual life, on all our 'smart' devices.  I learned to type on an actual type writer (yes i am that old) and used that white out slip often. Through out my years of school i never excelled at English, literature or spelling. Wasn't horrible, made decent grades, just wasn't fun to me. I liked math better, hence the reason i started college working toward a math degree, then switched to accounting.

All that to say i usually just type and let it go expecting the little red line to come underneath the misspelled words. Then i fix it or look it up. Only thing is it doesn't catch when your sentence doesn't make sense or is missing a word. Yes the green line works in word to tell you its a fragment sentence with suggestions, but not other programs or phones for that matter.

I also don't like to spend tons of time reading and rereading what i wrote. Mostly cause i don't have tons of time when i actually sit down to blog, its during a nap or right before i go to bed and i am tired and sometimes blurry eyed.

All this is leading up to an apology for any weird sentences, or wrong words. Please forgive me for not taking that extra minute to reread and change what was wrong. We all make mistakes and this is one i need to work i leave more an more of a digital footprint.

Do you rely heavily on spell and grammar check or am i the only one??
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