Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Whats in a name...

Names are special. Usually the name u choose for your children has a story tied to it. Sometimes it's family members, other times it characters from books or movies. Both parents must agree. Kimmel and i were easy with Shepherd. We saw that name for another baby a couple years before and put it on our list. Then while watching Manchester United i liked Carrick. We investigated the meaning, Rock. So Kimmel was ok with it, and i changed it to a K cause we both had K initials and i wanted him to match. So there you have Shepherd Karrick Kimmel. 

All thru high school i was just Susan, then college skeener, due to my email handle and everyone there found my last name fun! I went from boring Susan to fun keener. lol Kimmel had people who didn't believe him when he told him his first name was Andrew! That was his name Kimmel! Sometimes they first name isn't always what you go by. 

We have friends, the Baloghs, that name their children after couples or families who have special meaning to them as a family. Their first daughter named Bailey after the Baileys and their son Frazier after the Fraziers, and now their newest lil girl is Kimmel. Yes after us! Or should i say the kimmel family, i just recently joined in myself! 

They moved to Florida about a year ago or so and she had her there, we never met, til this weekend! The baloghs came in for a week long visit. Her family still lives here and they have loads of 'family' at northwood. We got to visit for a couple hours on sunday. Kimmel (mine) was working at jim's so they swung by for a visit before they headed back out to her parents home. 

Our sweet lil Kimmel gave the new Kimmel a kiss :) 

The honor is ours. We are thankful that we mean something to someone so much that they will name their child after us. Really its who we are in christ that shines thru that they like. We have been blessed with families that love each other and work hard to stay together. We have our flaws of course. Thankful for grace and those that can see our true hearts! 

Love yall Baloghs! Thanks for making us part of your story! 

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