Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Building on your strenghts

One of my most unfavorite things that people ask is, 'what is your strengths and weaknesses'. Like if i say great things for my strengths and not so great things for weakness i am a good person, have an understanding of myself and just put those negative thoughts about myself in your brain. Not sure how many of us were blessed with a teacher that told your parents that 'your daughter will never get above a C in my class' or not but i was! I mean really that was a great teacher helping me to achieve my potential. All she saw was my weaknesses. She didn't care that she could maybe look at me from a different angle and thing maybe i could help her by doing this, or saying this, or just not putting me in a hole to never do better!

My father in law works on staff at NorthWood Church and they recently (well within the last year) took a "Strengths Finder" test. Its on line and you answer a bunch of questions about u and it takes 30 mins to get through the whole thing. They had such good results and loved how it was done, they were encouraged to do this with their spouse and children, if such people applied to them.  Mark and Valinda thought their findings were very helpful and interesting so they asked me and Kimmel and his sister and husband to do it also.

So after months of them reminding us to do the test we all four finally did! Mark met with each couple to go over our results. The results the test gives is your top 5 strengths. (you can purchase all 34 of your strengths if you like)  Mark led us thru questions to process them and talk through whether we recognized these in us or not and how to make them stronger. Cause that is the heart of the test. If you can fully understand your strengths it can help you in your job and in ministry volunteering.

It was awesome to see who had what and how we all contributed to the big picture of the family. Kimmel and i had 3 of the same strengths, and Paige and Jeremy had 2 of the same. Yet none of us shared with anyone else outside of our couples.

This is a Gallop poll production so you know its quality stuff. If you are at NorthWood and in a Cell ask your leaders about this cause i know they would like all to do this...maybe your cell could do it! Its a great way to understand each other and see how God has equipped your cell.


Its only 9.99 for individuals and if you want to do more i think you can purchase group. There is a coaching kit too that is a huge asset to the whole process if you want the full experience.

Highly recommend! :)
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