Friday, April 05, 2013

Target or Walmart


I feel like there is a distinct line between the two stores. There are certain people who would never go to the other for whatever reason. I have a battle in my mind every time i need to go to the store for groceries. Which one really is the best deal for what i need. I am not a couponer so i don't do that i just pay full price for what i get. I am not picky, i purchase mostly off brand name stuff.

Most of the time i go to either of these stores its cause i need something for the men in my life. Toddler food stuff and personal hygiene things. If its straight groceries i go to Aldi, cause i know i save there! I think i can get all i need for us with $40 and its double at both of the mentioned stores.

I go back and forth on how i feel about these stores. I really like the clothes at Target, but sometimes i can find cute things at Walmart. So i save money by going to the later cause usually there are no clothes tempting me to purchase!

Do you have a preference? Do you only go to one or the other? If so what is your reasons.
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