Thursday, June 20, 2013

First step to building our place

Yesterday we had our first meeting with the builder we have chosen to build our home! She met us out there and we walked around and stood where we envision our home sitting. We talked thru the whole process and was able to make some decisions and plans. One of the most exciting parts about the whole thing to me is she said once building starts it will only take 3 months!

We are wanting the builder to build our house to dry wall. No painting, trim, floors, or cabinets- kitchen or bath. There aren't many builders who will do that. This does mean more work for me, researching all sorts of fun things. But this is what we enjoy. Me picking out projects and Kimmel making them happen!

I am having to tell myself that a lot of the details and things i like might be expensive. So i am preparing to do loads of internet searching and also tweaking once i find out how much all these pretty things on pinterest really cost! AND my coastal love is going to have to be tamed somewhat cause i am in the texas country not on the coast. I am hoping that we can meet somewhere in the middle and get a sweet coastal country cottage look :) does that exist?

We have some deadlines in our heads that we would like to meet and a couple big things to take care of before we get totally rolling but we are super excited and ready to go!  We are enjoying each other, preparing for the new little nugget and preparing to build our home! 

Any advice or helpful tips on do it yourself? :) 

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