Thursday, June 13, 2013

Living in limbo

This month marks a year since we moved in with Kimmel's family. It has been quick i think since we have lil shepherd who changes everyday!

I was telling Kimmel that whoever thought up the idea of Limbo, was someone wanting to put hell off. That no one knowing that they receive heaven would want to just wait somewhere not knowing how long til they can see perfection! i mean really! Limbo is great if there is an impending doom!

We get to talk to a builder next week and hopefully get some deadlines started...or at least something to aim for. Of course we have a deadline for another little one, so we would like to have it as close to that as possible!

We don't regret doing what we did, renting out our house, selling things and chasing after a family dream. It has been a hard year. I think the first 6 months were cool, not too overwhelming, but after a while i started loosing my desire to cook, felt really alone, didn't have friends to hang with or chat (due to lots of reasons) and got really sad. Kimmel was exhausted working 70 hours a week at two separate equally stressful in their own right jobs! Then we got pregnant and i lost any smidgin of energy i had and slept when i could. Now out of the first trimester i am excited to say i want to leave the house and do fun things with my son and hubby! :)

Limbo wasn't something i thought about when i looked at Kimmel and said yes love, lets chase that dream, we will be ok. I was looking at the prize, or keeping my eye on the ball, or even keeping my eyes on Jesus...but the waves, crowd, or fear got the best of me.

One thing Kimmel and i are thankful for as we walk on this tough road, the Lord has met our every need. Mostly just emotionally -for me- and energy and strength -for kimmel- and when people doubt our choices the Lord reminded us that he was there guiding us and that is all that was important.

Sometimes life puts us in Limbo. We are either waiting for that promotion we keep getting promised, waiting for that relationship to take the next level, or even just waiting to be healed for an ailment. What i am so thankful for is that Jesus is right there with us thru it...totally listening to all the emotions and frustrations...encouraging or just listening whatever he deems what we need. I am thankful for this!

I am slowly cooking more, and like i said doing fun things with my family! We are so thankful for all Kimmel's family have done for us, those things we know and those we don't know.  Knowing that at the end of it all we will all be thankful for the precious moments we shared...not the frustrating ones :)
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