Wednesday, July 24, 2013

And the answer is...

Went to the Dr today for our soon at 20 weeks to measure our new little bean. Also getting to know what gender it is! We were super excited to find out! I have been envisioning ways of decorating each room, and this lil baby already had a design :)

Only trouble is i had a 'feeling' that i new which gender it was. I was dead wrong! I asked the lady to double check lol

Its a boy! We stopped by kroger to get some balloons, one of shepherds' favorite toys, so he could help us with the announcement! 

Since we live with kimmels parents we asked Paige and her crew to come over to see the announement too! I texted my mom before we got there- she was working- and i facetimed my sister and some of her kids so they could be a part. 

Now Kimmel and i have the task of picking a name, we were so sure it was a girl that we didn't even really think about boys names. We are just so excited to add another boy to all this fun...

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