Monday, July 22, 2013

Things i have learned part 3

In this past year of living with the in laws, watching shepherd grow and also planning our dream house on our land i have learned a few things.

1. i am not a hummer - don't know if any of you have a mom who hums songs perfectly and calmly, i always thought i would be that way. I love music and i love to sing/hum but i realize that there is something seriously wrong with my hum capability. There were two things that always happened when i would rock and hum to shepherd. A, it usually becomes a christmas song or B, I start out with the classical Lullaby (lullaby, and good night...) turns into Praise the Lord an old hymn. (praise the lord, praise the lord, let the people rejoice..)

2. I have no concept of how much things cost! Either that or my taste is way more expensive than i have! While looking at all these different building materials and stuff for the house i am often shocked at how pricey things can be! I understand now why there is a 'builder grade' set of stuff. I mean this really pretty entry door...$3000! Do what!? So i must search and search for some great steals or ideas of how to do things i like cheaper.

3. Having a bed room brings comfort to my soul. When we first moved in all three of us shared a room cause he was so tiny and still nursing thru the night. After about 6 months of that kimmel and i moved to the couch and twin bed. We just now switched things around for shepherd to have his own room which means so do we! I forgot how much i love reading in my bed. Now we all have a spot that is ours to retreat and rest in.

These are just a few of things i am learning. If you know a great discount place for building supplies let me know! Other wise i guess pinterest will be my guide :)  LOL

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