Friday, September 13, 2013

a different view

Shepherd is a year and half now and his lil personality has just burst forth these last few months. Laughing at stuff on tv, telling us stuff in his own gibberish, and trying to climb all things that have a different level. With all this action and talking comes a new language and way of seeing things for me.

For several months now he points to the sky when he hears an airplane and will find it. Sometimes they are super tiny and other times pretty easy to find. I am often times amazed that he heard it to start with an that his excitement just burst to find it. He points to the sky and then me or dad or someone near to pick him up and find the plane. Living close to the airport means we do this lots in a day if we are outside...sometimes even inside he hears them.

Like most little boys he loves trains. We live near a pretty busy one so often times when we are out we see one zoom by or we get to watch one as we sit at the light.

It is this that made me realize that i have started seeing trains in a different view. He gets so happy and excited that when we roll over the tracks and there wasn't a train i am a little bit sad. That we missed out on that bit of fun.  Now i catch myself hearing the planes looking to him and waiting for his face to change when he hears it and with a huge grin i say 'lets find it!' As i pick him up he giggles and kicks his legs.

Another thing that brings pure joy to my son his the trash truck. This boy can hear those men coming a block or two away...but when he does he smacks his hands together in our own sign for trash and just about runs out the house to go watch...he grabs the hand of the closest person to take him out. He loves it!

Its fun to see the things he loves and realize that its changed my view of them. Before his love of trains i HATED getting stuck behind one! Now i roll down the windows and make noises and he laughs and squeals all the while saying choo chooo at the top of his lungs. Never really thought twice about the trash men, always waved but never super i am. I would see airplanes but only if they were really low and don't think i really heard them all day long like i do now.

Seeing life in a different view is good. Seeing life thru God's view in stead of my own is very good. I must remember that just like my son who sees all the fun exciting good things around him, and i wait for him to grab my hand or be picked up to get a better few, my Lord is looking to me to see when my face changes so i can look to him and say i hear it, or i see it. I want to grab His hand and let Him take me to see all the good things He has for me!

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