Monday, November 04, 2013

3 weeks we will be family of 4

We are counting down the days to thanksgiving holiday for a couple reasons. One cause kimmel has the week off, two my mom is coming in for a visit and three BABY 2 IS COMING!! Totally excited!

We have been trying to figure out the best way to talk with Shepherd about having a little brother. He is still so little the whole baby in mommy's tummy is least i think it is so we haven't done that...but we talk about babies, and tried to get him to say his name. Its a little hard for him at this time, so Kimmel so wisely asked him to say Bubba....and he did! SO we say that now talking about a lil brother. We are excited to see how he will bond with the lil. 

Bring on the fun! My friend Felicia blessed us with a session to capture our family of 3. Thank you Felicia for the sweet pictures! 

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