Tuesday, December 24, 2013

one month

One month ago we welcomed Asher Kingsley into our home! Wow what a whirlwind. I know that moms all over the world go thru this but these first 4 weeks have been crazy! Just trying to get myself feeling back to normal seemed to take a while. Then i realized that i was so worried about shepherd i didn't think much about the new born. Then the day my mom leaves shepherd wakes up with 101 temp and we find out the next day he contracted the FLU! From where i do not know we hadn't gone anywhere but walmart and church so i am assuming it was in the air. Welcome to mother hood of two…had to figure out how to juggle them while one had the flu. Which of course the dr is like try to keep them apart so Asher doesn't get it. Thanks. 

Other than the flu things seem to be moving along swimmingly. It is so fun watching Shepherd so eager to hold, play and boss around Bubba. All Asher does is grunt a lot and of course eat sleep and poop. 

The blanket in photo above is kimmel's childhood blanket and the owl was what i used with shepherd to show growth (although i stopped at like 6 months). Trying to be good to the second born and stay on top of the picture thing! You know they say you take way too many with your first and none with the ones to follow! I am not gonna do that…hopefully! 

Wait tomorrow is Christmas…well merry christmas to all! :) and to me a good nights sleep! 

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