Saturday, January 11, 2014


Each friday Opa watches Eleanor our niece and Shepherds 'buddy'.  Since we live with Opa at this time Shepherd gets to hang with them. He gets so excited and happy when she is here. It is a special day for them both! Her name was the first real big word he 'said' and it was so cute.

Yesterday was a bit warmer so we went out to the sandbox Opa made over the summer.

Kimmel is pretty close with his family and cousins. Growing up they had a 'cousin's week', where they went to Grandparents house and had a project to work on among other fun stuff, best of all no Parents! Of course now they live all over texas but when ever they have a reunion or holiday get togethers its like a fun party. My family has not really hung out since my grandma passed away back in the late 90's, so its kind of nice to visit his extended family. 

I have some great memories with a few of my cousins when i was younger, its just when we all get older and stuff we loose touch. I hate being 24 plus hours from my sister and her four kids. They have grown up so fast i missed a lot. Its crazy how your life keeps going and you forget others life is changing too. Thats why i cherish whatever moment my boys get with their cousins. 

So if you have great relationships with your family treasure it! Make the most of who loves you just cause you are you!
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