Friday, January 03, 2014

Everything and the kitchen sink

Today kimmel and i made the trek to IKEA to get my kitchen sink! It's a pretty big deal! We drove out there before christmas only to be told that they 'over sold' that particular sink and didn't have any more in stock.  They told us to check on line and come back. Since we couldn't order it on line, i kept checking and yesterday they had 3 in stock. Today 14! Found the kitchen area and asked a nice lady to help me acquire this sink! 5 mins later we were paid in full and heading back out the maze to pick up my sink!!

Its a smaller apron sink or farm house sink. Perfect for our new lil kitchen! I am super excited and a great way to start the year! After the crazy month we just had this was a sigh of relief to get into the garage!

This last month should have been called the roller coaster month. With every step we took forward there was something that would knock us down. Then it would get resolved and we would take a step forward in the process. All this was happening during two of the biggest holidays of the year AND we had a baby.

Thankfully we have crossed all the T's and dotted all the I's so we should break ground pretty soon! That is something to be excited about!
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