Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Honest Company

Most of my knowledge of pop culture and hollywood comes from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I record him and watch the next day while the boys sleep. This past week he had Jessica Alba on and she talked about a tv show she is in, mother hood, and a company she started- The Honest Company. 

She talked about when she became a mom she wanted to give the 'cleanest' life to her daughter. It started her on a journey to create diapers, wipes, cleaners and so on that are chemical free. They are plant based and economical. This i had to see for myself if it truly was economical, so i went to the website to check it out. Love at first sight! 

There are loads of products they have created for your family to use from diapers to laundry detergents and even a 4-in-1 crib and stroller. I saw the free trial link and i picked out the diaper sample and the essential sample. This is what i got last friday! 

The diaper sample is 7 diapers with designs you get to choose and 10 wipes. These diapers are eco friendly, gentle, safe and good for sensitive skin. I used cloth diapers with Shepherd and have started with Asher but his lil bottom seems to stay irritated so i have purchased some pampers to see if it was the diapers and it cleared up a bit. So i really was interested in how these worked to be better for the environment. 

I used all seven over the weekend at different times to see the absorbency. They work really great! The fit was perfect for my lil man and his bottom didn't get red! The price is just $4 more than the pampers that i get and you get fun prints and peace of mind. Totally worth it. 

The other sample i picked was the Essentials bundle, cleaning products. Containing hand soap, face lotion, repairing lotion, shampoo and laundry detergent. They all have the same smell, very light and clean. Haven't used the laundry detergent yet but am going to try that with the cloth diapers and see if that helps. Used the shampoo all weekend and liked it and hope to get that and the conditioner. Lotions worked great as well. 

Excited to see how these things will fit into our family! If you are looking for chemical free eco friendly stuff check it out! The Honest Company

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