Saturday, February 01, 2014

2 under construction

For this week our boys are 2 months and 2 years old! Same number! Thought that was kind of fun :)

Its fun starting back over with Asher and taking delight in all the little things and growth milestones. You so quickly forget cause they just keep growing! 

Speaking of! This stinker is 2 on the third and we had his party this morning. We had a truck or construction party. Ideas all courtesy of Pinterest!  

I had a lot of fun planning and getting it all together.  He loves planes, trains, trucks and cars. He doesn't have a favorite character or toy so i went very general. So while searching Pinterest i saw some really cute food tables with big dump trucks holding the food, that is what inspired the whole thing for me. But instead of putting the snacks in the truck i thought about putting the cake....

Big Lots proved true with having this huge dump truck! So dirt cake is the way i went. We love Oreos and pudding so why not! It was a new recipe and thanks to Valinda's help we got it all done and DELICIOUS :) 

We made edible play dough the kids added color too. It was a big hit! Valinda also helped with this cause she used to do it with her kids when she taught kindergarden. Thanks to Paige and Valinda cooking the kids got a blob hot off the stove to mold and add food coloring to create their own gift to take with them in their own....

Nail pouch from Home Depot, decorated with their initial :) Yes Pinterest guided this but i tweaked it cause my hand writing is abysmal! 

Asher slept amid the chaos upstairs in the swing. Don't even think he knew there were kids playing around him. It was a fun morning and we had a blast with our family and friends! Wish my sister and family were here, but FaceTime is our friend when you live cross state! :) Mom is spending the weekend so its nice to have her share this. 

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