Monday, February 10, 2014

Changing of the bed

Last night Kimmel converted Shepherd's crib into the toddler bed. We had some pieces missing so the boys went to Home Depot to get some extra parts. I think Shepherd's help may have stressed Kimmel out a bit, but better him than me stressing Kimmel out :) He likes to joke that if 'we need to work on our marriage we hang, build or put together something' I don't know what he means by that! :)

We decided to change it cause he has tried to climb out, but not successfully. Twice i found him after nap laying on the top of the crib straddling the side. Also wanted to do this now so when we move in a couple months the house will be the only change he has to handle. 

He laid down and as i took his picture he put the old phone to his eyes and said cheese. haha i think we take a lot of pictures of him with our phones. 

It was sweet to see his little head over the top of our couch as he walked in from his nap. First time. Got a lil sentimental i must admit and teary. haha What a special gift! 
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