Saturday, February 22, 2014

Of oily persuasion

It was about nine months ago Kimmel's boss at Mr Jim's suggested we try using lavender and coconut oil for Shepherd's eczema. He has a diffuser in the office and his wife is a distributor, and he highly recommended the oils. So we got the lavender to try and also peppermint to help with headaches. About three months after that a friend invited me to a oil's party and all that i learned at the party just caused the desire to incorporate them into our lives grew. At the time, with everything going on in our life it just wast time to invest.

The interest has really blossomed over the past year and many people sharing loads of info. I asked a friend that had the starter kit to tell me what she likes about it. Then i noticed on Facebook a really great deal for the starter kit, asked Kimmel he approved so we started!

Its fun to see all the friends on Facebook and Pinterest sharing and pinning all sorts of pictures and specials for this company. Its exciting to think that our great grandparents probably used these oils to help them, with a lil bit whiskey and honey for the cough :) It is trending now with moms across the country. Thankfully its more than just a trend its helping people. Its giving relief to children and parents alike all over.

Over the past year as we have tried the lavender and peppermint we find them very helpful. Kimmel uses the Lavender for his allergies and we both use peppermint for stomach issues as well as head aches. Now with the kit i have used Pan Away for muscle soreness -smells like icy hot- and almost diffused all of the Thieves oil cause it kills germs. Put lavender as well as Peace and Calming on the boys feet to help calm them at night.

We are excited to find out what else these oils have to offer. You should too! There are loads of websites and blogs of mommies sharing stories of all the good they do. Check out on your own or find a friend that is a distributer. If you have questions i can help a little but i could at least direct you in the right direction. Still pretty new and love learning all about them!

Please share any stories you have about these awesome oils! The more we share the more we learn!
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