Monday, April 21, 2014


With all the insta posting going on i feel weird posting late. I mean it just happened yesterday but if you don't post while you do it is late.

The anual Kimmel/Duke family easter egg hunt. I am a sucker for tradition so we started with the kids on the stoop again so i could take the picture that matches from last year. Our littlest Asher was napping thru the whole thing :) next year we will get him! 


Valinda hid the eggs filled with goodies and they had a fun time. Even got in a middle of the hunt squeeze! When we finished Asher woke...

So i tried for a picture with all three...

It was a good day! Hope you too had a great day with your family! Lets not forget what we celebrated yesterday as we head into our work week! As the great hymn says 'because he lives i can face tomorrow' no matter how good or bad! :) 

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