Thursday, April 17, 2014

Its only begun

Hallmark has figured out which each year of marriage deserves as its gift or name. Like the first year is paper, 25years is silver and 50 years is gold. Wood, ironically, is the fifth year anniversary gift. Ironically for us because all this year we opted out of gifts because we are building our home. So it turns out we are doing exactly what Hallmark suggest.

I asked my friend Monica to bring sand from Virginia Beach and the Kimmel's had a friend bring sand from Galveston to make our unity sand special.  I think i still had hopes that maybe one day we would live closer to the ocean but that has totally changed now with our place out in Sanger. Here off a dirt road we will make our home. The sand will find its resting place on our new mantle. 

This week they have finally begun to dig up and lay down the pipes and maybe by weeks end we will have the slab laid.  Our forever home is being built. Five years ago we begun the process and now the 'house' part of our home is being put together. 

Its funny how every relationship has a BC and AD. Before we lived with kimmel's parents it was easy! Kimmel would joke and say 'don't tell anyone but our first year of marriage was easy'. While we lived with his parents it has been.....character building! ;) 

Its been 5 years, we have lived in three different homes and added two adorable boys. We are BLESSED beyond words! 

Kimmel has been such a hard worker for us to make all this happen. Working two jobs totally 70 plus hours a week only have sundays off. I know there are people all over the globe that work that much too its not rare it is plain hard on the body. So like those people he is constantly tired. We are thankful for the time we get together as a family and we hope and pray when all is said and done he will not work two jobs after this summer. 

Can't wait to start the part of our story AD after the co living. Even though i know it will be bittersweet all i can see is the end of the race right now and that finish line is just starting to pop over the horizon and it looks beautiful! 

Picture from our first visit and first look that bewitched us and started 
this journey we have almost begun. 

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